April 6, 2021

How to take care of automatic garage doors?

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If you already have an automatic garage door in your home, you know the advantages it brings to a home. Greater comfort, increased home value, greater security …

Doors 4U Garage Doors have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of automatic garage doors in Newcastle. With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we have the satisfaction of all customers who have installed an automatic garage door with us in Newcastle.

The investment to install an automatic garage door is not much compared to the convenience they offer. We give you the best advice so that, with optimal maintenance, your garage door has a long useful life and that it continues to function perfectly, like the first day.

How to take care of a garage door?

  • The garage doors require maintenance, especially for us watching them every day and with a little oil pampering give them, always use oil even worn but oil, do not use fat, fat in winter gets tough, and can reach out the wheels of the guides, and in summer it becomes too liquid, which together with the dust, makes a kind of mud.
  • Always observe the cables, in the case of a sectional or folding door, that they are not fuzzy, with loose threads, it is very important if you notice any type of damage in the cables of the garage doors, notify an automatic door company and proceed to its replacement.
  • The automatic door spring must have the right number of turns, in case the door has two springs, if one breaks, the two springs must be replaced, if not when putting a new one, the door is out of square, and there is the possibility of both breaking again, so both are changed at the same time even if it is only one spring, the one that breaks.
  • Check the wheels, that they all go through the guides, and make the movement well, do not lock any and this forcing the door to malfunction.
  • Observe the hinges, that they are all well anchored, no screws or nuts are missing, this can lead to the fall of a partial part of the door or any of its components.
  • Notify the door assembly companies to solve any type of fault in your door, manipulation by non-experts can bring some type of accident, either when it is manipulated or when the door starts to work.

The importance of lubrication

Garage doors have many moving parts that it is essential to keep lubricated in order to function properly and prevent early deterioration. Just as it is detrimental if garage doors are not lubricated properly and cause seizure of moving parts, too much lubrication can also be counterproductive.

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At Doors 4U Garage Doors we are at your disposal to help you make sure that your automatic garage door is properly lubricated, guaranteeing its optimal operation. We are specialized in the maintenance of automatic doors in Newcastle.

The importance of cleanliness

Automatic garage doors are placed outside the house, being exposed to all kinds of inclement weather, both high summer temperatures and cold winter days. It is common for dirt to accumulate in the slots of automatic doors, which can slow down their operation.

Make sure you clean your automatic garage door properly, paying special attention to the most difficult areas, such as those closest to the engine.

The importance of periodic reviews

Maintaining proper cleaning and lubrication of garage doors is essential, but it does not mean that it is necessary to carry out periodic reviews of the same to prevent early deterioration.

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To carry out this type of review it is necessary to have professionals. At Doors 4U Garage Doors we are specialists in the maintenance of automatic garage doors and we are at your disposal so that you can have the peace of mind that your automatic garage door is in perfect condition.

These are the most practical tips that anyone can do, to maintain the garage door in perfect condition, but it will always be the professionals of the sector, who must maintain your automatic garage door, since they are in charge of ensuring that your door works correctly at all times, and they will be responsible in the event that the doors garage cause some kind of accident.

Still do not have garage doors in your home?                         

At Doors 4U Garage Doors we want you to enjoy the advantages of an automatic garage door that is affordable for all budgets. We ensure that our garage doors are built with a quality that stands out and designed in a style and finish that perfectly complements your home. Contact us today!

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