November 8, 2019

The roll-up garage door: principle, advantages and tips

The roll-up garage door: principle, advantages and tips

With a 25% market share, the roll-up garage door comes in second place after the sectional door (65%). And this is explained by practical assets that we will discover on the blog.

But before, let’s see how this door works …

The roll-up garage door, its operating mode and its advantages

1) The principle

It is also called rolling garage door. It is aptly named because it behaves like a large shutter that will come to lodge on the ceiling. A safe specially designed for the door receives it, allowing it to be protected and hidden.

The roll-up garage door is made from aluminum blades that have been stapled to each other.

The roll-up garage door

2) The advantages of the roll-up garage door

The main attraction it represents is that it is a carpentry that does not overflow on the outside. If your garage is directly on the street, it is not a problem. You can put it down, it will not encroach on public roads.

It is also a practical door because it optimizes the space. If your garage is small, it will be all the more interesting.

Nestled in its dedicated chest, the roll-up door leaves a lot of free space inside.

In terms of thermal insulation, it is also relevant; indeed, the garage is a room deemed cold. With the roll-up garage door and its coefficient of heat loss, it is easy to do in your room. It’s always better than being in a freezer …

The roll-up garage door

How to choose your garage door

1) A custom garage door

It is important to buy a custom roll-up garage door; indeed, it will allow to dress your wall to the millimeter, which prevents air infiltration. You must be able to set both the dimensions (height, width) but also the spandrels and even the color of your door.

2) The painting

Left to choose, as much go on a door with a paint unleaded. It’s better for the environment, but also for your health. This is good, you can find in our virtual store.

3) Useful equipment

It must be admitted: the presence of a radio optical edge bar will be the best effect to detect obstacles that could prevent your door from closing.

An anti-fall system in case of engine malfunction is also important.

4) Patterns and colors: is there a choice?

It is always nice to be able to choose between different automatic garage doors patterns; the colors also bring their touch of personalization; so it is important to have a minimum of choice so that your door is in harmony with the rest of your exterior.

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