August 5, 2019

Results of the building inspection

Results of the building inspection

The results of the building inspection are valued according to the deficiencies of the building and can be:

  • Very serious or serious : a period of 3 years is given to rehabilitate the building and overcome the following building inspection. The proficiency certificate is issued as “precautionary apt”.
  • Important : a period of 6 years is given to rehabilitate the building and overcome the following building inspection. The certificate of proficiency is issued as a “provisional qualification”.
  • Slight or no deficiencies : a period of 10 years is given to perform the following building inspection. The fitness certificate is issued as “eligible.”

What does the building inspection analyze?

During the examination of the property, the authorized technician should check:

  • General networks of plumbing and sanitation.
  • The state of the structure and the foundation
  • The interior, exterior and medianeras facades.
  • The elements of accessibility.
  • The cornices, the projections, the flights and the ornamental elements.
  • Decks and roofs.
Results of the building inspection

How much does the building inspection cost and who pays it?

Today there are many options to perform building inspection. The cheapest ones are around € 100 , but it is not recommended to resort to these low-cost services since they usually offer a less rigorous analysis.

The average price of a inspection of building is about € 500 , although the size of the farm and the property and the difficulty in analyzing certain sections of the report can make the process more expensive.

In any case, it is the owner of the property or the community of owners who must pay the building inspection to the technician they hire.

What happens if the property does not pass the building inspection?

  1. If the report is unfavorable, you will obtain an aptitude certificate of “provisional fit” or “precautionary fit”.
  2. In both cases, an architect must be hired to carry out the rehabilitation works.
  3. Once everything is fixed, the inspection must be passed again and submitted to the official body before the deadline marked on the certificate (3 or 6 years).
  4. If one or more neighbors do not want to make the relevant reforms, the process can be delayed and exceed the deadlines. In this case, the inspection will end up being carried out through a court order.

Failure to meet the deadlines stipulated for such inspection of building may result in serious penalties. These depend on the municipal ordinances of each municipality and in some cases can lead to fines of € 6,000.

Not having the building inspection of the property can also generate other consequences, whether you are a homebuyer or an owner. For example, they can deny you the mortgage or paralyze the sales process.

Results of the building inspection

Help to buy a house with building inspection

The seller of a house has the obligation to inform the buyer about the situation of the property. However, in many cases this obligation is not fulfilled, so it is ideal to have an expert from the real estate sector to help you investigate the state of the property, in addition to other legal procedures.

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