February 12, 2020

Roof restoration of best technical ceilings

Roof restoration of technical ceilings

Given the progressive deterioration of the roofs of any building, an ideal option is the Roof restoration of technical ceilings. This measure offers multiple advantages, since it is not necessary to resort to complex works, which means a great economic saving.

In addition, the roof restoration is carried out quickly, resulting in an aesthetic and functional finish.

Main advantages of the roof restoration of technical ceilings

Resorting to a technical roof is not only the ideal alternative to a roof damaged by different factors. In addition, it is a perfect solution when you need to hide the electrical installation and the air conditioning ducts, since all the wiring and the pipes are perfectly covered.

roof restoration

A technical roof offers greater thermal and acoustic insulation, due to the air chamber that is created between the upper roof and the technical roof. This translates into considerable energy savings, improving, in turn, the comfort of any space. In fact, opting for the roof  restoration of technical ceilings , you have the possibility of installing soundproofing synthetic sheets, avoiding the noise of the upper floors.

The advantages of the roof restoration of technical ceilings are multiple; The unhealthiness that occurs with a roof deteriorated by humidity and other external agents can be harmful to the health of the inhabitants of a property, whether in the workplace or domestic, preventing the appearance of allergies and other conditions.

Reciplac: technical roof restoration solutions

As references in the sector, in Reciplac we are backed by a long professional career offering optimal solutions for each roof, depending on the needs of each type of real estate. Our work is carried out in accordance with national and European regulations, based on ecological and environmentally friendly procedures .Our materials and products are high performance and always comply not only with current regulations, but also with the highest expectations.

In addition, we have developed new procedures, such as the ” Reciplac Method “, aimed at cleaning and restoring technical ceilings. This method of operating allows customers not to have to stop their activity while we carry out our work, thereby achieving a minimal impact on the space to be treated. We have been responsible for the roof restoration of technical ceilings in a large number of buildings, with figures that exceed one and a half million square meters treated , which serves as an example of our good work in the sector.

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