June 28, 2019

What is the building inspection?

What is the building inspection?

Surely you’ve heard about building inspections, and you’ve undoubtedly wondered what it is.

You should know that the owners of the buildings are required to keep them in good condition. An inspection happens; a building must also do so.

Also most of the day you are in a building, at home, at work or in the gym, and it is imperative that the conservation of it is safe so as not to cause damage to people’s lives. For more information, visit: Vital building & pest inspections.

To understand it, the building inspection is the ITV of a building. The building inspection is a mandatory control for buildings of more than specific years, in which the state of the same is determined.

When is it mandatory?

It is mandatory in municipalities with more than twenty-five thousand inhabitants, in buildings that are more than 50 years old. Periodically every 10 years generally, being able to vary according to the municipality.

Some municipalities have this obligation fixed in another value. If a property that must pass the inspection does not do so, after a prior warning and an additional period to present it, it can be sanctioned with a high-cost penalty.

building inspection

What is the building inspection?

A competent, qualified technician, such as an architect or technical architect, through a building inspection report, assesses the state of certain aspects to ensure safety and conservation.

At least one building inspection must meet two requirements:

A building inspection report in which the conditions of:

  • Security.  The structural state and other aspects that do not pose a danger to people are valued. Ensuring the excellent condition of the foundation, slabs, beams, load-bearing walls and other elements that affect the stability and resistance of the building.
  • Healthiness Aspects that harm hygiene, health and the environment. Ensuring water-tightness against leaks and the state of plumbing and sanitation.
  • Accessibility.  In which the ease or difficulty of entering and passing through the building is assessed.
  • Ornament.  Security in the elements of decoration such as cornices and other details such as chimneys and railings, among others.

If the building inspection report is favorable, and the building is in good condition, the owner must present the building inspection report at the town hall and is not obliged to perform any work.

building inspection

If the building inspection report is unfavorable, once presented at the town hall, the owner will have to carry out the adequacy works contemplated in the building inspection report, requesting in case that the corresponding work license is necessary.

Determine the required works for this conservation of the building according to the current regulations. Also determining the execution time according to the urgency and condition according to the classification of the damages, minor, serious, very serious.

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