September 12, 2020

Bike Spares Most Breakdown

Bike Spares

Do you have a motorcycle and want to know what are the most common bike spares problems? Pay attention because we bring them closer to you. So if perhaps you are noticing any of the symptoms but you do not know how to associate it with what it may be, you can have it perhaps a little clearer.

However, first of all, you must be clear that to avoid all these problems, the best thing to do is to prevent it. For this, there is nothing like submitting your way to periodic reviews. These reviews will be indicated by the manufacturer itself. It is also important to have original bike spares. 

There are breakdowns that can be avoided, such as the breakage of the fuel pump bike spares, which is usually caused by the habit of driving with the tank practically empty or by poor lubrication. If you are attentive to the fuel level and lubrication, the pump will have a longer life.

In the first place, we bring you closer than the most common bike spares problems that we can find on the bike spares that are most damaged. So we found the clutch. The fact is that clutch failure accounts for 15% of all repairs carried out by Australian workshops. This is a problem that requires an expense of $300 to fix. We remind you that you can find accessories for your motorcycle at

Problems with the alternator, that is, the device responsible for powering the motorcycle’s electrical system and at the same time charging the battery as well as the electronic engine management unit are also very common on bike spares. This repair is quite expensive. So much so that repairing the alternator can represent an average cost of around $600 while the switchboard is even more expensive, up to $800.

Also, a common fault in bike spares is the failure of the pump that carries the fuel from the tank to the engine and the breaks or damage in the sealing gaskets and in the pipes of the hydraulic systems that allow the circulation of oil and other liquids. on the engine.

In this way, pump failures represent 7% of repairs carried out in workshops and cost around $500. In the case of joints and ducts, these problems represent 5% of the total repairs carried out and their average price is around $180.

  1. The alternator bike spares and the control unit
DC Generator Vs. Alternator

The alternator is another of the bike spares that have constant use. We know that its function is to power the entire electronic system of the motorcycle, and it is also responsible for keeping the battery charged. On the other hand, motorcycle control units are the devices that allow better driving, improve acceleration response, and even increase engine torque.

 Both elements wear out over time and their failure can be noticed instantly. The repairs of both are very expensive, but when it comes to doing it we should not skimp on expenses.

2. Gasoline pump bike spares

Bike Spares

It is estimated that approximately 7% of motorcycle breakdowns have to do with the fuel pump. This part is essential since it transmits the fuel from the tank to the engine so that it works. When a pump starts to fail, it generally stops supplying fuel with the same pressure. Little by little the problem worsens until the pump stops working. The cost to replace a pump with a good quality one can exceed $100. It is recommended to replace the fuel pump before having it repaired.

3. Chain bike spares

Motorcycle chain

The chain bike spare is what transmits the movement to the rear wheel of the motorcycle, if it breaks it will be impossible for us to continue the movement. It’s easy to check the status of a string; when it feels stretched or crooked it is time to replace it. Remember, doing it on time will prevent you from being stranded in the middle of the road, especially if it is night and we are driving on a highway or some road in poor condition.

4. Spark plugs bike spares

NGK's Motorcycle Spark Plug Chart ~ The Riding Obsession

If your spark plugs bike spares have a brown or brown color this means that the spark plug works in optimal conditions, if they are milky white it suggests that there is a mixture problem in the gearbox or because of a bad mixture if it is carbon black. gaskets failing and there is not good compression in the chamber if it is soot black it means that there is air restriction the very rich mixture and this can damage the engine.

5. Pistons bike spares

Motorcycle Piston, Motorbike Piston, मोटरसाइकिल पिस्टन - Ambika Agencies,  Pune | ID: 17719832873

Another very common mechanical problem is that the piston bike spares are damaged by the general wear derived from its use, so it is advisable to make sure that the quality of the piston is good and that when changing the piston, it is also done with the cylinder liner. If there is no need to change the piston, the technician or mechanic may suggest that you fit an expander, although this element is hardly seen in spare parts sales anymore, problems related to the clutch and damage to the clutch are very useful. gaskets and ducts that cause oil leaks and liquid losses.

6. Valves bike spares

Gas Pump Valve Petcock Fuel Tank Gasoline Split Oil Switch ATV For  Motorcycle GA

Misadjustment in the intake valves bike spares can lead to failures when accelerating the motorcycle. If the misadjustment results in a “stutter” of the engine and very black smoke, it will mean that the valves are wrongly set and require a correct setting; But it is also possible that in addition to accelerating little or badly, smoke with a more blue hue comes out, in which case the loss of power would be minimal but it is also necessary to fix it so that the motorcycle offers its full performance and gains in strength and safety.

 This process of adjusting the valves can be more complex, but by taking the vehicle to a specialized center, the motorcycle will pull again with the same power as when it left the dealer. You have to consider this.

Finally, remember that the most advisable and safe thing is to bet on the original bike spares. This decision will require a greater initial outlay but over time you will realize that it has been the best investment.

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